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100 Portraits Australian Centre for Photography Installation, Sydney, August 2011. Photo courtesy Australian Centre for Photography


100 Portraits — 100 Photographers: Selections from the Archive

Curated by Larissa Leclair and Andy Adams

For the past five years I've been publishing, a website that features contemporary photography from an international community of artists. In November 2010, I teamed up with curator Larissa Leclair to produce a photo projection for the FotoWeek DC Festival of Photography, which showed at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

This year 100 Portraits has shown in multiple festival screenings: at Snap! Celebrate the Photograph in Orlando, the Head On Photography Festival in Sydney, and the New York Photo Festival in DUMBO Brooklyn. The exhibition received its first physical show in the summer of 2011 at the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney, Australia.



Digital Exhibition

In the spirit of the public art projection in Washington, D. C., I developed this digital exhibition so we could share the work of these artists with an international online audience, wherever they are in the world. Since launching in November 2010 100 Portraits has been viewed by more than 60,000 visitors from 24 countries and the project has been featured in Wired Magazine, The New Yorker, National Public Radio,, The Washington Post and Visura Magazine.

Online publishing and community collaboration are inspiring forces in my photo work and this project is another part of my mission to promote significant artists to a global audience of people who are passionate about photography. The online community has been amazingly supportive — thanks to everyone who helped us spread the word! If you like these photographs, feel free to mention the project in your blog or share it with colleagues and students who would enjoy it.


Amy Elkins Doug Dubois Richard Renaldi Jessica Todd Harper Sophia Wallace Jaimie Warren Dave Jordano Noah Kalina Jesse Burke Brea Souders Justine Reyes Shen Wei Katrina d'Autremont Bronek Kozka Jorg Bruggemann Carrie Will Graham Miller Lydia Panas Philip Dembinski Hector Mediavilla Maureen Drennan Keliy Anderson-Staley Jason Florio Robin Schwartz Finn O'Hara Simon Roberts Todd Hido Andreas Laszlo Konrath Dina Kantor Birthe Piontek Laura Pannack Shawn Gust Jason Hanasik Victor Cobo Monika Merva Suzanne Opton Zwelethu Mthethewa Stewart Simons Bob Shamis Carl Wooley Tealia Ellis-Ritter Justyna Badach Brian David Stevens Mikael Kennedy Jen Davis Manjari Sharma Steffanie Halley Bradley Peters Steve Giovinco Sarah Wilson Gloria Baker-Feinstein Eric Ogden Natalie Bothur Ben Huff Sophie Jacobson David Maisel Elizabeth Fleming Debora Mittelstaedt Anna Bauer Sarah Small Claire Beckett Clayton Cotterell Dorothee Deiss Darin Mickey Shane Lavalette Will Steacy David Wright Mary Amor Sage Sohier Betsy Schneider Joni Sternbach Rafal Milach Mikhael Subotzky Molly Landreth Elijah Gowin Mickey Kerr Nadine Rovner Phillip Toledano Rachael Dunville Jon Feinstein Susan Worsham Jane Tam Caitlin Teal Price Sara Code-Kroll Eric Weeks Stella Kalaw Daniel Ramos Brian Ulrich Daniel Shea Ben Handzo Myra Greene Amy Stein David Griggs Chris Verene Jacob Koestler Wang Yifei LaToya Ruby Frazier Tamara Dean Zoe Strauss Mona Kuhn


Exhibition Statement

The Internet has changed the way we consider photography, and the medium has undergone remarkable transformations at every level. No longer restricted to the gallery wall or the printed page, photography now regularly—and sometimes exclusively—appears onscreen. More significantly, Web 2.0 is influencing photo culture around the world by connecting international audiences to art experiences, enabling the discovery of new work and presenting never-before-seen channels of expression and participation.

The projection features 100 dynamic portraits from an exciting group of contemporary photographers in all stages of their careers, each selected from the digital archive on In the spirit of the public art projection, Adams mounted a complementary digital exhibition that would be immediately accessible to an international online audience. Since launching in November 2010, 100 Portraits has been viewed by more than 60,000 visitors from 24 countries.

In some circles, photography remains a predominantly printed medium. Books and prints are highly collectible and their physical presence is still essential for many photographers. But digital media is transforming photography so it can flourish outside the constraints of traditional publication and exhibition. Contemporary photo culture is marked by a continuous flow of images online and 100 Portraits celebrates the role that a thriving online photography community plays in the discovery and dissemination of work produced by significant artists in the Internet Era. In this context, projected several times larger than life, these portraits look back at us and embody a louder voice in the discourse of the gaze.



Contributing Artists

Sincere thanks to each of these photographers for their gracious contributions to and their collaboration in producing this exhibition! Most of them have made their work available online — learn more about them using the links below.

I'm passionate about using digital media to promote the art & culture of photography.

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